MD Biochemistry


The course curriculum is planned as per the syllabus for MD Biochemistry given by The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai

The course consists of 36 months of training in the following spheres:

The postgraduate training programme in biochemistry at Christian Medical College, Vellore involves collaborations with the departments of clinical biochemistry, neurochemistry, Wellcome Research Unit (part of the Department of Gastrointestinal Sciences) and haematology/stem cell research. This makes for a comprehensive programme that helps candidates prepare for careers in teaching, diagnostics and/or research. 


Some of the available career options are given below:

a.  Genetics:

b.  Family Medicine

c.  Diabetology

2. Why should I choose to do MD Biochemistry at CMC, Vellore? 

3. Are there opportunities to pursue a future career abroad after MD Biochemistry?

Yes, you can apply for faculty positions in Biochemistry departments in medical colleges/universities abroad.

You can also apply for PhD/post-doctoral positions in research laboratories abroad to pursue a full-time research career.

4. How many MD Biochemistry seats are available in CMC, Vellore, in an academic year? 

 2 seats per year 

5. What is the selection process to join the MD Biochemistry course in CMC, Vellore?

The selection is as per the PG-NEET guidelines. For details of selections for the current year (2023), please contact the Registrar, CMC, Vellore:

6. What is the fees structure at CMC, Vellore?

The tuition fee in CMC Vellore is very low, and comparable to that in government medical colleges. For details, please contact the Registrar, CMC, Vellore, for details:


7. What is the stipend I am eligible for as an MD Biochemistry trainee in CMC, Vellore?

The monthly stipend is approximately Rs. 35,000 - 40,000 plus free on-campus accommodation.


8. Is accommodation provided during the training period of MD Biochemistry?

Yes, free accommodation is provided by the institution during the entire 3 years of training